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Tips on Measuring the Success of a Mobile App

Today’s world has become a complete Tech- Savy. With the advent of the technology, we have become immensely dependable on Mechanical Devices, be it in Professional or Personal Life.With the passage of time, the way we use Technology has also changed a lot. Earlier, Mobile Phones were used just for calling purposes and messaging, but now as the technology has progressed in leaps and bounds, we can easily fulfill our personal and professional requirements by using our Mobile phones. There are various kinds of Mobile Apps for different needs and purposes and billion of people are using the Mobile App Services, all over the world.

The Mobile apps are becoming greater in numbers by the moving time, Now, we have an umpteen number of Mobile Apps for purchasing a single good or service, so the competition between the app marketing companies has also become stiff.

There are different metrics to measure the success of a Mobile app. A few are mentioned here to help you to understand the ways to judge the success of a mobile app:

The Source of Traffic:

Determine the source of the traffic you are getting on your app, it can be any website from where a customer lands to your app.

Time Spent on the App:

For how long a user uses your app or keeps it open.

Internet Connection the User uses:

To rate a success of an app, we should also determine the connection a user is using, find out if a user is using a 3G or a 4G connection.

Target Audience:

Try finding out the target audience and try to engage them with the app services and products you are offering.

The Ultimate Goal:

Your aim should be customer satisfaction as it is the key for success in any business.

Regular uses:

Number of daily users who use the app on a daily basis for their respective purposes.

Numbers of Users:

The numbers of Customers who use the app on the regular basis and the users who use it occasionally.

Numbers of Users who Download the App:

The number of the users, who download the app determines the total downloads of an app. It is the main criteria of the App marketing Services to judge the success rate of the app.

Quality Users:

The number of Quality Users who use the app, quality users are identified as the people who takes one or more of the actions you expect them to take.

End Users:

The focus should be on the end users of the app, the number of people who not only download but also uses the app for various purposes.

New and Retained Users:

The number of new uses and the retained users.

Completed Tranaction:

The number of the transactions which happen on the app, this is the figure which defines the number of customers who buy or subscribe for the Services.

The Needs of a Developer:

Some developers have a certain vision of how the users will use their app, they usually conceptualize a specific task to complete.

The app marketing services is a process which is time consuming, but if properly planned and executed it provides end numbers of benefits to an App marketing company. When the requirements, to become successful in a business are specified then it becomes easy for an entrepreneur, to flourish in his business.

So, if you are planning to develop a android mobile app or you already have one, then do keep these mentioned points above and try to figure out the needs of your potential users who will be using your app for various purposes.

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