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If I lost control of the business I’d lose myself – or at least the ability to be myself. Owning myself is a way to be myself. -Oprah Winfrey

What is Branding?

To start with the understanding of what a brand is, let me ask you a few questions. Where does the brand exist? Does it exist in your office departments or Google search results or your CEO’s office? The simple answer is that the brand exists only in the mind of your customers. Your customers are on the driver seat to decide the dominance of your brand in the market. Passionate and emotionally driven branding triggers the consumer’s thought-process further sparking the buying attitude of a customer. In nutshell, the brand is the reputation of your organization or a promise to your customer telling them what to expect and how it differs from the crowd. Who you are, who you want to be and how the audience perceives you to be are the three elements when put together accurately make a powerful brand. Being clear and insightful about target audience mounts a strong impression in the market.

Importance of Branding

As I mentioned above that branding exists only in the minds of customers. Let’s unfold the truth behind this. Two beverage giants, Pepsico and Coca-Cola are the names embedded in the minds of customers due to their strong hold in the industry. In 1975, Pepsico held a campaign to test the preference of customers among the two beverages i.e Pepsi and Coke. Participants were given two sips of the drinks from unmarked cups. Pepsi won the campaign drastically. Almost, every other participant favored Pepsi. But there emerged an enigma: Coca-Cola was crushing Pepsi in the market share. Why so? Malcolm Gladwell, a research scientist suggested that Pepsi was preferred due to sweeter taste (Note: the cups offered were unmarked). He conducted a study to explain the difference. The study involved the testing of brain activity of the participants. In the first phase, Pepsi won again. In the second phase, participants were told what they were drinking. There came a major shift in the previous results. This time their brains did not evaluate the taste but the memories and experiences associated with both the brands. Coca-Cola won the second phase eliminating Pepsi. This was the effect of robust branding being done by Coca-Cola for a long time which seeped through the minds of the audience and established a strong hold. This way Pepsi lags behind in the market share. This shows how good branding changes the face of an organization.

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Brand Guidelines

Great designs reflect the brand’s styles! It makes businesses stand aside from others and drives the attention of maximum audience. Daksha Digitas has a creative team of designers that develops the brand guidelines not only to represent businesses mission and vision, but also convey clear message to esteemed clients.


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Brand Advertising
Brand Naming

Brand Name

A Brand Name is the starting of a new, fresh and unique story!
Let’s face the reality: Naming a business is not at all easy. Conveying the basic idea behind your business to your target audience in just one or two word is complicated. Your brand name is the starting of a new, fresh and unique story. The name you use to represent the significance of your business matters a lot! We have a team of experts who provide you ideas to choose and find the best, beneficial brand name for your business and get maximum benefit from them.


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Logo Design

A logo represents You & Your Business Identity!
Creating strong business presence is not at all easy – it needs something that can make it stand aside from others and we, at Daksha Digitas, proud to say that we have it with us. We understand that designing a business logo needs creativity, and our team of creative designers do everything to deliver you a unique and fresh looking brand logo.


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Business Logo Designers
Tagline Development

Tagline Development

A Perfect Tagline/Slogan Expresses your Business Thoughts!
In addition to brand naming and logo designing, a tagline or a slogan provides your target audience to look at your business in another way. However, the thumbs rule here is, the tagline development should be simple, unique and well presentable. The tagline should signify your business vision and evokes its presence.


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Collateral System

A well-defined corporate identity does nothing, but enhances your business reputation. So, what does it exactly means? Corporate identity covers a wide range of elements that include letterheads, business cards, signage, envelops, labels and other marketing campaigns.


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Business Cards
Packaging Design


We believe product packaging should be unusual and out of the box!
The packaging of the product plays a major role in how a product sells. Think of how many products are out in the market, gaining the people’s attention. From a list of millions of products, how can you make your customers attract towards your business product?


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