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The True Essence of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a premeditated presentation methodology which emphasize on producing and allocating rich, significant, and unswerving content to fascinate and hold a specific target audience and finally to drive substantial profit and perceivable ROI. The concept of content marketing is not very old and traditional. This comparatively new approach has gradually earned the central position in modern marketing strategies.
Content marketing is designated as one of the most noteworthy drift for brands in the current year (read 2016) according to ClickZ’s 2016 Digital Trends Survey Report. Though last year, content marketing recorded substantial growth; it is still in the process of complete maturation. Moreover 3 years down the line i.e. by 2019, content marketing is projected as a $300 billion industry globally.Role of Content in an Organisation: The Importance and ValueBrands need to accept the same and see how effective and valuable content can bring perceivable changes in digital marketing, advertising, promotion, sales, PR, hiring and customer support domains.

Marketing, Promotion and Advertising

Content exhibits the company’s brand as a thought leader to the World and support customers to understand the true essence of the product and services offered by the company. Content marketing is the lifeline of websites, social media, organic optimization and online promotional and advertising campaigns. They give meaningful insights to brands and offer total understating of FAB of products and services to the target audience.


Content helps to showcase the products and services to users in an appealing and engrossing manner. Rich and flowery content makes the product descriptions effective, appealing and stimulating case studies successfully catch the complete attention of the customers. This approach is very vital as today customers are aware and brand conscious and more than 50% of the purchase happens after communicating with the product expert or brand executive. In sales domain, content marketing even support to churn out revenue.

Public Relations

PR can apply content to avail news, gain publicity and relevant info regarding chief expansions in the company or thought-leadership segments t plenty of probable users and buyers.


Content is also effective in attracting new potential employees by spreading the best of brand culture, work environment and job profile.

Customer Support

Well-designed and content rich websites which are simple to steer, coupled with can be a beneficial way to generate a status for active customer service.

To comprehend the true value of content for the brand, one will need to apply computable metrics such as site, social and sales metric so see and gauge performances of the brand and organisation as a whole.

In spite of tremendous positive inclinations and success stories content marketing also has its own limitations and the same has stopped many organisations in adapting this approach whole heartedly. The primary obstacles of this trend are absolute absence of content strategy, designated teams, unsystematic approaches in development and management unnecessary intervention.

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