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The Battle between Mobile Apps and SEO, SEM, A Prospective Case Study for Changing Browser Application Approach in Future

In today’s world of touch connectivity and click to know the World; traditional search approaches like Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are gradually losing their glamour and importance as various mobile applications are in reigning state.Simon Khalaf the Yahoo’s senior Vice President of Publishing Products shared similar thoughts in the company’s first mobile developer conference in New York. He opined with conviction that mobile apps will dominate the world and there will be no place for SEO, SEM and Blue Links. According to him; people will gradually decrease the use of browsers and traditional search marketing via SEO and SEM.Sastry Rachakonda, chief executive officer (CEO) of iQuanti- a digital marketing specialized company highlighted that though undoubtedly, mobile apps are convenient and offer hassle-free ways for users to get in touch with many services, there is still a huge amount of data and material one need to steer via browsers. According to him, the quality and fashion of search will enhance and develop over time with various apps instead of complete removal of SEO and SEM.Vikas Gupta; the director of marketing at Factual believes firmly that the approach towards SEO and Links will change dynamically. According to Gupta the same will have least significance for certain search applications like local search. Such as the approach will be uneven and haphazard for various mobile apps like Yelp, Apple Maps, Foursquare and TripAdvisor etc. But on the other hand he believes that SEO services will remain essential and imperative for B2B sales search functions.In spite of all these convictions and generic beliefs, it is true and quite effective that the giant search player Google has also felt certain volume of threat and stress to mobile apps. Now a day’s people book movies on Book My Show, hotels on Trip Advisor and services on Urban Clap get recipes of Yummly, discuss parenting issues on Tiny Steps and get health and fitness tips on Cure Joy. Where do you find the relevance of browsers and search engine here?Google has intelligently comprehended this change and has also foreseen the drastic change of the future; hence has started emphasizing on building mobile exertions like supporting HTML5 and indexing apps. Don’t get surprised if you hear about further business plans from Google in order to keep pace with changing scenario. In the long run, not only Google but search engine players may have dynamic business plans that may change their original business model completely.

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